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At KOMESZ, we believe that we can only make products with heart and make enterprises with sincerity. Our business will get better and better. We provide customers with high-quality flavor products and assist customers' products to enhance their competitiveness in the market. Provide customers with a distinctive fragrance experience.

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Every sector in the food industry needs a taste, it’s here at Komesz where taste is created. See which sectors we provide taste for:

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How we work

Our process



If you want to develop new products, you can contact the Komesz Shanghai office and put forward your ideas for new brands or new products. Our sales team will provide you with a variety of solutions.


Flavour devvelop

When you start to negotiate with our sales team. Your project has been sent to our technical team. Our technicians will review your request. If your request is more consistent with our existing plan. We will provide samples according to the existing plan. If your request is not found in our solution library. Our perfumer will design you the flavor that suits your project.


Application trials

Our flavour application laboratory received the flavor samples from the logistics department or flavour formula laboratory. The technical staff of Komesz Fragrance Application Laboratory will test according to the application scenarios of your final product. To determine a baseline dose. In order to ensure that you achieve the best performance of the flavor in the process of edible flavor.



After the flavour application laboratory of Komesz has approved the flavor samples, our sales staff will send the flavor samples to you to complete the final test of the flavor.



After you receive the samples, test them in your laboratory. Then provide your feedback to our sales team. Our sales team will be adjusted by the technical team based on your feedback. Until you finally confirm the sample and meet your expectations of the fragrance.



If the flavor sample is approved by your laboratory. Then our sales team will contact you. Our product information will be sent to our excellent production team. Your order will also be jointly responsible for the production team, technical team, and sales team. Provide you with high-quality products, technology, production services.

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Looking for a bespoke flavour?

You tell us how you'd like your flavour to taste and we will materialise your vision

Finished product samples available

Our NPD team can arrange finished product samples that demonstrate our flavours performance

Expert advice from our technical team

With direct communication available with our NPD team you will get expert advice at every stage

Natural flavour or flavour?

Remember to tell us how you'd like the flavour labelled, Natural flavour or flavouring

Producing flavour quality worthy of our market leaders but for a cost effective price is our primary goal

Jake Lavelle, Director & Flavourist

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